About Us

The American International Women’s Club (AIWC) is a registered non-profit, non-political and
non-denominational English-speaking organization serving the international community in Frankfurt
and the surrounding Rhein Main region, from Darmstadt to Mainz.   From our first meeting in April of
1971, with thirty members present, our Club has grown to over 350 members from more than 35 countries.

The AIWC provides friendship and support among women and families, who are living in the
Rhein-Main area, and facilitates their efforts to integrate into the German community.  We stay
connected with a variety of activities, services, charitable and social, sports, and hobby groups.

We take great pleasure and pride in serving our community throughout the year.

In addition to our many social activities, we hold a variety of fund-raising activities to raise money
for local charitable organizations. Our members have volunteered in a variety of ways such as supporting
children’s pediatric units, training dogs for the disabled, establishing scholarships for local children and
assisting women’s organizations both here in Frankfurt and through the target charities of FAWCO,
the Federation of American (and Intl) Women Overseas.  Through our membership, you can get involved
in human rights causes, and even participate in United Nations meetings in New York.

Amazing Benefits of Membership

New Friends
The club provides the opportunity to immediately make friends in your new home country

Support Settling In
Learn from other members about local English-speaking resources, businesses, craftsmen, babysitters,
pet-sitters, or learning another language.

We offer group walks, book clubs, interfaith studies, day and overnight trips, tours, tennis league,
volunteer opportunities, play dates for young parents.

Through our monthly electronic newsletter, website and Facebook page, our members are offered
many opportunities to attend events in and around the greater Frankfurt and Rhein-main region.
Members are also welcome to offer classes sharing their own skills and hobbies.

Connecting with such a large, international membership base, our club offers great opportunities for

Enjoy member discounts for travel and sports activities

Volunteer Opportunities
As  non-profit organization, we offer a number of volunteer opportunities.  You may want to serve on
our board, act as a neighborhood coordinator or participate in local charities.  There are many choices

The AIWC is committed to both helping our members enjoy their stay in Germany, as well as contributing
 to the host country that has welcomed us!

A Note From Our President

I first came to Germany for work years ago as a single woman.  Someone at work suggested I join this club.  I was skeptical about having time for it, but found out I could participate a little or a lot, so decided to give it a try, and found others in the Working Women’s Group “like me.”   I came back to Germany some years later as a working mother of a young child and re-joined to take advantage of the Mother’s Corner group, and to my relief, found others “like me,” and raising a third culture kid.  Then when I left my corporate job, I found responsibilities in the club that fulfilled my project management / leadership need, and again found others “like me.”

Other people move here with a working spouse and are skeptical if they will ever find 'a place’ here in a foreign land.  The language, the culture, the system structure - all seemingly different from what you are used to can be quite overwhelming at first. But with a little courage and mindfulness, and as the Beatles song goes, “a little help from our friends” (albeit new ones), the experience can be so rewarding.

For myself, and many alike, the AIWC has provided just that.  In the time I have been a member, I have seen the positive impact it has on my local community, and also for  myself.   With the many groups under the umbrella of the AIWC, opportunities are there for everyone: from taking a sabbatical from the usual responsibilities back home, or feeding that desire to travel, or giving time, talents and treasures for a charity, or taking on a board position, or tapping into your inner Picasso to create a masterpiece, or even sweating it out on the tennis courts, the opportunities are endless - and it’s only a matter of finding what fits you.

This community is a physical representation of so many possibilities and opportunities. Because at the end of the day, the club is only as great as the people who make it up. Each of us come together with our own experiences, knowledge and ideas, bringing something new, each and every day to the community.   So to both our current members and those ‘yet to be’, I hope the AIWC will help you discover how to make your time here simply unforgettable, and so importantly, to know what a positive impact you make.

I wish you all the best in finding your place here and helping others find theirs too!

Danita Waterfall-Brizzi
AIWC President 2019-2020

Current Executive Board





Danita hails from Seattle, Washington. Recruited from grad school and Russian studies in the states, she has since then lived and worked abroad in six countries. She is now growing roots here in Frankfurt with her Italian husband and 15-year-old daughter. With her recent job change from cargo management at Delta Air Lines to the flexible world of independent aviation consulting, she is enjoying the opportunity to re-engage with women and families here in the AIWC. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, piano, jogging, and lots of family activity. She has already done so much to energize the AIWC, most recently by serving as President for 2019-2020.

Melissa McClain

First Vice President


Melissa recently moved to Germany with her husband of 17 years and her four children. They live in Oberursel and plan on staying in Germany; with the automotive industry for 3+ years. She is a secondary education teacher but has worked exclusively at home since her children were born. She has been involved in numerous boards within her community, has been a constant volunteer/chair for various events and she enjoys planning and hosting at her home and different venues as well. In her spare time she loves being outside or camping/traveling with her family.  She looks forward to being involved with AIWC not only for the comradery of international women but to help raise awareness and funds for various important causes throughout the Frankfurt region.

Zili (Angela) Shi

Second Vice President


Angela moved to Königstein with her husband and daughter in 2017. Her husband works for Marriott and her daughter attends the International School of Frankfurt (ISF).  They previously lived in Turkey, China, Hong Kong and Egypt before moving to Germany. Angela has a bachelor's degree in industrial design and has worked several years both as a freelancer as well as a managing director in the retail trade and luxury goods business. She also has marketing and public relations experience in the same field. She works as a free-lancer as well as a managing director in the retail trade and luxury goods business.  She is an artist and enjoys sharing her talents.

Mary Grace




Mary Grace Gerstner moved to Königstein in August from Kansas City, Missouri but says that it has been like coming home since she and her family lived here from 2012-2015. Her husband works for Boehringer Ingelheim in the animal health division and they have three children. Her oldest son, William, is a Junior at Purdue University; middle son, Ian, is a freshman at Kansas State University, and daughter, Micah is a sophomore at Frankfurt International School

For the past 21 years, she has been a stay-at-home mom running the household, taxiing the kids to their outside activities, and volunteering at both the grade school and high school in the library, school office, cafeteria, and special events. In the work environment, I worked for computer software companies in the marketing field where I ran the logistics help desk and supported the sales personnel. I have a variety of interests including reading mystery novels, entertaining family and friends, and traveling.

Heidi Jung



Heidi Jung hails originally from New Jersey. Prior to moving to Germany, she worked many years as a VP in Finance for Deutsche Bank in New York City and then London, where she met her husband.  They settled near Wiesbaden in Hünstetten-Görsroth nearly ten years ago to be near his family.

Marcus works in IT for Deutsche Bank and they have six-year-old twin boys. Heidi has been very happily involved with AIWC for many years, she is a Neighborhood Coordinator for Wiesbaden/Mainz and has been the Data Manager for the past few years.  Her interests include enjoying her family, photography, travel, being creative, and reading.

Stacey LoFrano Harrison



Stacey's roots are in Detroit Michigan.  Her family moved to Oberursel in August 2019 from Shanghai, China.  She enjoys meeting new people and traveling.  She and her boys try to learn to say please and thank you in every country they visit.  Currently practicing social distancing, they are enjoying their work and studies at home.  Their dog could not be happier with this arrangement!

Stacey looks forward to using her communication skills from over 20 years in real estate, as well as her expat life, to help grow our chapter of the AIWC.

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