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We  introduced a new charity strategy for 2019-2020 to replace the Annual Spring Gala.  We  decided to expand our yearly charity endeavor from one event to four.  In spite of the limitations due to the 2020 COVID pandemic closures we were still able to raise funds through personal fundraisers online, donations and smaller volunteer events.  The final amount raised was 6,439€.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this year's efforts!

Previous Gala Events


The chosen 2019 Spring Gala recipient was Zubaka,, a Frankfurt based startup that develops curricula for teachers and helps students integrate into the German school system and learn about the resources available to them in and around the city.  The final amount raised was 11,662 which will help broaden their impact and help more children finding their way into the German school system.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the effort and supported this great group!


The chosen 2018 Spring Gala recipient was  FeM is based in Frankfurt, it helps girls under 18 years of age who have been abused by offering then a safe place to stay, psychological support and a hopeful perspective for the future. They do this through counseling, crisis management and educational and cultural work. Help and support is now being extended to those older than 18 who also need a safe and anonymous place to live. Many of these young women have been exposed to either physical or sexual violence and, in some cases, to forced marriages. Money raised by the AIWC will be used by the FemJa project to guarantee anonymous housing and support for this target group.  The final amount raised was 11,320.10€

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the effort and supported this important cause!


The chosen 2017 Spring Charity Gala recipient was NETZ Bangladesh, a German charity working in the poorest regions of Bangladesh for over 25 years. It has developed a successful empowerment model to help undernourished families overcome hunger and discrimination through their own efforts. The charity found the key to long term changes was made when they set up self-help organizations (SHOs) in rural areas. Each SHO has approximately 200 members and requires start up capital of around 2000€ which is provided by NETZ. Each group then sets up its own bank account and receives financial management training. The women manage their savings and provide small loans to their members.The final amount raised was 14,592€ which will go a long way in changing the lives of some of the most poverty stricken women in the world.


The chosen 2016 Grand Gala recipient was Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V., a non-profit association dedicated to helping children with cancer and their families through financial and emotional support. The AIWC’s gift of support  will directly support their Sportstherapie Program. This program, through the Goethe Universitätsklinik, offers fun and fitness training, by way of sports physical therapy, for children who are going through chemotherapy treatment. The Grand Gala raised over 14,000€ to help pay for new sports equipment and physical therapists.


The chosen charity for  2015 Swirling Silver Soiree was Frauen Helfen Frauen HTK e.V. ! The local, Oberursel-based NGO, dedicated to giving shelter to abused women and their children as well as counseling and other services. The gala event raised over 12,000€

In March 2016, the AIWC also received for Frauen Helfen Frauen a 4500€ FAWCO Foundation Development Grant in the Human Rights/Safe Haven Award category. The FAWCO Foundation Development Grant Fund is a dynamic program which financially assists projects that are passionately supported by FAWCO Member Clubs. This brought the total monies raised for Frauen Helfen Frauen HTK e.V. to just over 16,500€.


2014's charity recipient of our Spring Event was Projekt Schmetterling, a non-profit organization that provides psychological support to cancer patients and their families in the Rhein Main area. The Great Gatsby-themed event raised over 10,000€


The AIWC selected 2aid for it's beneficiary in 2013. 2aid focuses on methods to fight extreme poverty using efficient and sustainable measures in areas all over the world. The AIWC raised approximately 12,000€ to help this very worthwhile global charity.


Hearts with Hope, the theme for this year's charity event raised 19,000€ for the Beratungsstelle Frauennotruf,  The monies will be used for services to meet the needs of women in need, both German nationals and foreigners, such as counseling services, assistance with medical, legal, and governmental issues; and providing access to women's shelters and facilities and vocational training. 


Start Stiftung was selected to be the recipient of our Spring Charity Event fundraising, and the AIWC Spring charity Event raised over 22,000€ to be used for scholarships.  Each 5,000€ scholarship, is used to help a foreign-born/immigrant student succeed in obtaining their high school diploma.


Höchst Kinderklinik was the recipient of our Spring Charity Event fundraising, where we donated 35,368 to purchase 2 infant "GE Giraffe" incubators.

Christmas toys were collected at our Annual Christmas Luncheon for the children at the Höchst Kinderklinik.


Vita Assistenzhunde e.V. was the recipient of our Spring Charity Event fundraising, where we donated 22,700 to train assistance dogs for disabled children.


AIDS Hilfe, an organization to help promote AIDS awareness, received over 14,000€ from the Spring Charity Event.

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