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With our club's founding in 1971, we established a vision to provide friendship and support to others, as well as give back to our local community. Charitable giving has been a cornerstone of the AIWC since its inception. Over the years we have been delighted to support various local and international charitable organizations achieve their goals, with over 650,000 euros raised so far!

In 2019 our model of annual galas and scholarships supporting a single charity transitioned to holding numerous smaller fundraisers supporting four charities over a number of years. This new strategy allowed the club to easily continue this important work, despite the COVID pandemic:  AIWC Frankfurt Charity Review 2019-2020. We maintained our focus of four until the end of 2022. 

In 2023, our club will focus its charitable work towards two charities, one being a local Frankfurt, Taunus, and Rhein-Main organization and the FAWCO Target Project for 2023-2025. Our local charity for 2023 will be Frauennotruf Frankfurt. The FAWCO Target Project will be determined after FAWCO voting closes in March 2023. You can see a list of the FAWCO projects that were shortlisted here

Frauennotruf Frankfurt was founded in 1982 by Verein Notruf und Beratung für vergewaltigte Frauen und Mädchen e.V., Frauennotruf Frankfurt aims to support women and girls who are threatened or affected by sexualised, physical, or digital violence. They advise women and girls from the age of 14, regardless of their culture and the gender assigned at birth. They offer a barrier-free setting for women with disabilities or senior citizens. Language barriers are easily overcome with the support of interpreters.

Comprised of six employees, the organization is also involved in violence prevention and uses their media work to educate those about the many types of violence against women and how and where to seek life-saving help. Some of the projects that Frauennotruf Frankfurt has worked on/developed: expansion of acute medical care after rape; a medical record that can be linked to a victim's GP; prevention work on knockout drugs and alcohol: together with the Hessian women's emergency hotline, the counseling center addressed sexualized attacks under the influence of knockout drugs and alcohol consumption. 

Relatives, life partners, friends, confidants, HR managers, etc. can also turn to their advice center.  

Want to help now?

There are many opportunities to get involved and help raise funds for our chosen charities.  No event is too big or too small -- from our annual Closet Treasures, to a local scavenger hunt; a book reading with an author, or a wine tasting with a sommelier... and much more! During the ongoing pandemic, we continue to to find safe and creative ways to make a difference.  We hope you will help us help others as we live our motto: When Women Support Each Other, Incredible Things Happen!

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